Harvard Pryor / HolePunch
HolePunch Episode 1
General Information
Real name: Harvard Pryor
Aliases: HolePunch
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Mr and Mrs Pryor
Characteristics: Age -
Eyes - Hazel
Hair - Brown
Portrayed by: John Harrington
Appearances: Episode 1 - February 2012
Episode 2 - March 2012
Episode 3 - April 2012
Episode 4 - May 2012
Episode 5 - July 2012
Episode 6 - June 2013
Episode 7 - August 2013

"Time to punch some holes, for I am HolePunch! "
—HolePunch in Episode 1.[src]

After evil took the lives of his parents, Harvard Pyror decided to take a stand against crime which was sweeping his beloved city of Stamford under the pseudonym HolePunch, an amalgamation of both his parents' professions, but unlike most superheros that have the advantage due to external or conventional means, he was left, without money, or any metahuman abilities. He is forced to fight evil relying solely on his wits and gadgets.

The character of HolePunch is portrayed by John Harrington, commonly referred to as OJ; co-creator of the series. The hero is loosely based on the popular DC character Batman, and various others.

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Behind the scenes Edit

  • HolePunch's back-story and motivation for fighting crime is similar to DC Comics' character Batman, although this was more than likely intentional, additionally there are numerous similarities between the two.
    • Both characters possess no superpowers per se, but rather rely on their cunning and aptitude for technology.
  • HolePunch's arc in Episode 4 heavily mirrors that of Spider-Man's in the "Spider-Man: No More!" issue where Peter Parker unsuccessfully attempts to give up his life as Spider-Man. Although both characters have varying reasons for doing so.

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