Schnoz-Man Episode 1
General Information
Aliases: Schnoz-Man
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: HolePunch
Characteristics: Age -
Eyes - Hazel
Hair - Brown
Portrayed by: John Piazza
Appearances: Episode 1 - February 2012
Episode 2 - March 2012
Episode 3 - April 2012
Episode 4 - May 2012
Episode 5 - July 2012
Episode 6 - June 2013
Episode 7 - August 2013

"There's shit everywhere ..."
—Schnoz-Man's final lines in Episode 1.[src]

Schnoz-Man's life is a tragic one-- after being subjected to many experiments in his youth, he finally broke away from the chains that held him, and used his abilities to exact revenge on those responsible only to be shunned and abandoned by the superhero community, with nowhere else to go, he finds unlikely solace in HolePunch's apartment, reluctantly becoming the hero's ally in the fight against crime.

Schnoz-Man is portrayed by John "Rambo" Piazza; who is the creator of the series, its lead writer, and musician.

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